1st Floor

Number Exhibit Name Location Artwork Photo Description
8 Logan\'s Memorial Day Order Plaque South pillar on steps up to the first floor west entrance of the Capitol This plaque celebrates the Memorial Day Order of 1868. The order was issued by General John A. Logan, who is credited as the founder of the Memorial Day holiday.
9 Gettysburg Address Tablet North pillar on steps up to the first floor west entrance of the Capitol The tablet was donated in memory of President Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address by the Woman\'s Relief Corps. The tablet includes the text of the Gettysburg Address and an etching of President Lincoln, in profile.
10 Governors\' Portraits First Floor, west lobby The wall space in the west lobby is filled with paintings of former governors. Typically, the amount of available wall space in the west lobby dictates the number of portraits that are hung in the building.
12 Bronze Bust of Edwin C. "Big Ed" Johnson First floor, Southwest rotunda wall This bust honors Edwin C. Johnson, Colorado Governor from 1933-37 and 1955-57, and United States Senator from 1937-1955. The bust was sculpted by Jimilu Mason.
13 Bust of William Lee Knous First Floor, northeast rotunda wall This bust honors William Lee Knous, who, over the course of his career in public office, held the highest leadership position in each of the three branches of Colorado state government.
14 Sketch of Capitol First Floor, west wall of southwest corridor This framed sketch of the Capitol is the fourteenth print of the original design of the State Capitol building. Although no actual documentation of the sketch has been located, staff at the Colorado Archives estimate that the sketch was designed some time in the 1890s by Elijah E. Myers, the architect of the State Capitol.
15 Bust of Richard D. Lamm First Floor, southwest rotunda wall This bust of former Governor Richard Lamm (Governor from 1975-1987) was presented to the state by members of his cabinet and senior staff during his three terms in office.
16 Bust of "Woman" First Floor, south rotunda wall This bust was designed to honor the women of Colorado. It was sculpted by William F. Joseph, and dedicated to the citizens of Colorado by the Colorado Women of Beta Sigma Phi on April 30, 1976.
17 Irving Hale Tablet First Floor, east side of south entrance This tablet honors Colorado scholar, soldier, and citizen, Irving Hale (1861-1930). It also recognizes Mr. Hale\'s efforts in installing Denver\'s first successful electric street railway system in 1889.
18 POW and MIA Plaque and Flag First Floor, east side of south lobby This plaque honors prisoners of war (POWs) and those listed as missing in action (MIA). It was dedicated to the state on September 21, 1990, by the United Veterans Committee of Colorado.
19 Governor Carr Plaque First Floor, south side of pillar leading into the rotunda from south lobby This plaque honors Governor Ralph L. Carr (1887-1950) who was Governor of Colorado from 1939 to 1943.
20 Bust of Gordon Allott First Floor, south rotunda wall This bust honors Gordon Allott, who served as Lieutenant Governor of Colorado from 1951 to 1955, and as a United State Senator from 1955 to 1973. The bust was sculpted by William Duncan and presented to the state on April 2, 1981.
21 Gold Star Mothers Plaque First Floor, south wall ofsoutheast lobby This plaque honors the "sons and daughters who paid the ultimate price in service to their country." It also commemorates the founding of the Gold Star Mothers.
22* Centennial State Quilt Mr Brown\'s Attic Twenty-five Capitol volunteers spent a total of 250 hours completing this quilt, which depicts Colorado\'s symbols and emblems. The 38 stars on the quilt represent that Colorado was the 38th state admitted to the Union.
23 Lark Bunting Painting First Floor, east wall oflobby This is a painting of the state bird. The state bird was designated on April 29, 1931, by an act of the General Assembly.
24* State of Colorado Roll of Honor First Floor, Next to south elevator This plaque honors the Colorado state employees who served in various branches of the Armed Forces during World War II.
25 Women\'s Gold Wall Hanging First Floor, northeastrotunda wall This wall hanging is a tribute to the historical achievements of Colorado\'s women. It is entitled "Women\'s Gold" because of the yellow roses found in mining camps by gold seekers.
26 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Portrait First Floor, North East elevator This portrait honors the civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and commemorates the state\'s first observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. day.
27 Bust of George Brown First Floor, north rotunda wall This bust honors George Brown, who served as a Colorado State Representative, State Senator, and as the Lieutenant Governor.
28 Modern Photograph of Denver (titled "Denver--The City Rises") First Floor, west wall ofnorthwest lobby This is a cibachrome print photograph of the Denver skyline. The print was created by R. Koropp and is titled, "Denver -- The City Rises."
29 Rotunda Murals First Floor, rotunda There are eight murals painted on the walls of the rotunda in honor of Charles Boettcher. The murals were painted in 1940 by Colorado artist Allen True. Each mural is accompanied by an excerpt of a poem written by Thomas Hornsby Ferril, who was later named Colorado\'s poet laureate.
31* State Key First Floor, Northwest rotunda wall Created by Hyde Park Jewelers and presented to Governor Dick Lamm on September 6, 1984, the key is made from precious metals indigenous to Colorado. It contains 14-karat gold, 18-karat gold, sterling silver, yellow sapphires, blue sapphires, and round brilliant diamonds.
32 Colorado Cattlemen\'s Plaque First Floor, wall at the landing of the grand staircase This plaque commemorates the centennial of the Colorado Cattlemen\'s Association and honors its founders.
84 Mile-High Marker West steps There are several mile-high markers on the west steps of the State Capitol building. The first mile-high plaque was installed in 1909 on the 15th step by students of the University of Denver.

*Photo courtesy of Simon Maghakyan
All others courtesy of Kristal Kraft

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