2nd Floor

Number Exhibit Name Location Artwork Photo Description
33 Bust of Wayne N. Aspinall Second Floor,southwest rotunda wall This bust honors Wayne Aspinall, a Colorado state legislator for16 years (1931 to 1947) and a United States Representative for 24 years (1948 to 1972). Mr. Aspinall was known as an expert in natural resource legislation.
34 David Rice Plaque Second Floor, west wall ofsouth lobby House Joint Resolution 86-1018 called for placement of this wood plaque with an inscription plate and picture to honor David G. Rice, Jr. for his service to the State of Colorado.
35 Bust of John D. Vanderhoof Second Floor,southeast rotunda wall This bust honors John D. Vanderhoof, who was engaged in public service for the state of Colorado as a member of the state legislature (1951 to 1971), Lieutenant Governor (1971 to 1973), and Governor (1973 to 1975).
36 Bust of Peter Dominick Second Floor, southeast rotunda wall This bust honors Peter H. Dominick for his years of public service. Mr. Dominick served as a State Representative (1957 to 1961), United States Representative (1961 to 1963), United States Senator (1963 to 1975), and Ambassador to Switzerland (1975).
37 Bill of Responsibilities Second Floor, east wall of south lobby Developed by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, this framed "Bill of Responsibilities" with an accompanying plaque was presented to the State of Colorado in commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Constitution of the United States.
38 Bust of Richard Castro Second Floor, north rotunda wall Dedicated April 13, 1993, this bust honors Richard Castro, who served in the House of Representatives from 1974 to 1985. At the time of his initial election, Mr. Castro was 25 years old and one of the youngest lawmakers ever elected to the General Assembly.
39* Brass Etching of the Colorado State Capitol Second Floor, Lobby of Room 271 This hand-engraved brass etching of the Capitol was donated by the estate of Lionel D. Jolly in 2010. In 1981, Mr. Jolly commissioned artist Robert Allen of Shoreline, Washington, to create an etching of each of the 50 State Capitol buildings.
40 Presidents of the Senate Tablet Second Floor, Senate Chambers anteroom Honoring Presidents of the Senate, this marble tablet lists Presidents of the Senate and their respective terms as President from 1876 to the present.
41 Hall of Senate Presidents Second Floor, Hallway outside Senate President\'s office These framed photos and plaques list the names and terms of Presidents of the Senate. Aas President of the Senate.
42 Senate Secretaries Plaque Second Floor, Hallway Outside Senate President\'s Office This plaque lists the names of the Senate Secretaries. The Secretary of the Senate serves as the chief administrative officer of the Senate and is responsible for managing the Senate budget and establishing and enforcing administrative policies and procedures, as well as Senate and General Assembly policies and procedures.
43 Senate Gallery Stained Glass Windows Second Floor, north and south walls of Senate Chamber, These ten stained glass windows, located on the north and south walls of the Senate chambers, contain portraits of prominent Coloradans, Ruth Stockton, John Routt, Edward Wolcott, Charles Hughes, Virginia Neal Blue, Samuel Nicholson, David Moffat, Edwin "Big Ed" Johnson, Otto Mears, and John Love.
53 Speakers of the House Tablets Second Floor, House Chambers anteroom Honoring Speakers of the House of Representatives, these two marble tablets list the Speakers and their respective terms as Speaker from 1876 to the present.
53** Bust of Carl Bev Bledsoe Second Floor, House Chamber anteroom This bust honors Carl Bev Bledsoe (1923-2012), a Colorado State Representative for 18 years and the longest serving Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, from 1981 to 1991.
54 Piano Second Floor, House Chambers, northwest corner Donated on March 20, 1992, this upright piano was a gift to the House of Representatives from Bill Daniels, resident of Denver, Colorado.
55 Paintings in the 271 Joint Committee rooms Second Floor, room 271 "In 1987, the Colorado House of Representatives adopted a resolution to raise private funds to purchase a painting for the House Chamber. The Arts Committee of the House held a competition, and three paintings were eventually purchased. The paintings proved so popular that two additional paintings were purchased and added to the collection. The five paintings represent the diverse heritage and beauty of Colorado. They were moved to their current location during the 2014 restoration of the House Chamber."
57 Barney Ford Stained Glass Window and Plaque

Second Floor, West wall of House Chambers,

Plaque-southwest alcove of main entrance to the House Chambers

House Joint Resolution 76-1002 called for the creation of this stained glass window honoring Barney L. Ford. Born a slave, Barney Ford fought for the granting of freedom to blacks.
58 Emily Griffith Stained Glass Window Second Floor, Outside the Old Supreme Court Chambers This window honors Emily Griffith, founder of the Emily Griffith Opportunity School, a school that offers free adult education. Established in 1916, the school continues to operate, helping thousands of Denver residents improve their skills and increase their education.
59 Heritage Windows Second Floor, Old Supreme Court Chambers, north wall Four windows on the north wall of the Old Supreme Court Chambers are designated as the "Heritage Windows." They were given to the state as a gift from the committee that organized the centennial celebration for Colorado in 1976. The committee selected four ethnic minority groups — Hispanics, Native Americans, African Americans, and Chinese and Japanese — in Colorado to be honored with stained glass windows.

*Photo courtesy of Simon Maghakyan

**Photo courtesy of Damion Pechota

All others courtesy of Kristal Kraft

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