Attics and Dome

Number Exhibit Name Location Artwork Photo Description
68* Hall of Fame Windows Inner Walls of the Dome The Capitol\'s architect, Elijah Myers, envisioned stained glass windows for the dome. The windows were to depict scenes of Colorado landscapes. In 1898, Frank Edbrooke became supervising architect and changed the plan to a gallery of portraits (Hall of Fame) of people who had built the state.
69** Mr. Brown\'s Attic Gallery Located Between the Third Floor and the Dome Mr. Brown\'s Attic, a 2,000-square-foot public gallery located between the third floor and the dome, is dedicated to the history and significance of the Capitol building. It features photographs, displays, and artifacts that tell the story of the Capitol from its beginnings to the present day.

*Photo courtesy of Kristal Kraft
**Photo courtesy of Simon Maghakyan

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